Making Fallen Soldiers: Part 1

Here’s the first instalment of Bill’s blog about how and why we made Fallen Soldiers, what we learned, who we met, mistakes we made and the good times we had making our first independent feature film.  . . . . To start off with, who are “We”? We’re three friends, Jason, Kiera and Bill. Jason […]

Blog Incoming

We’ll shortly be publishing Bill the director’s blog about the highs and lows of making a low budget feature. Often filmmakers are quite guarded about how and why they made their productions, but we figure other filmmakers might get some handy tips or at the very least learn from our mistakes, so the blog will be […]


We finally screened “Fallen Soldiers”, our first 85 minute feature film, at the Curzon Cinema in London on the 8th of February.It’s has been over two years in the making and it was fantastic to sit and watch it on a proper cinema with about 100 awesome people who worked on the production and/ or have […]