Jason Emery: Producer
Jason did a degree in film studies with a particular focus on film noir. He currently has a sensible job as a freelance project manager in telecommunications. Meanwhile, Jason uses his Raindance training — combined with the extensive experience he’s gained in the trenches of every aspect of business — to manage people, productions and the resources to make projects happen. On set he has handled crews of over seventy and organised full-on action shoots which have included a wide range of pyrotechnics, stunts and effects and has produced a collection of shorts and promos.



Bill Thomas: Director/Co-writer
Bill is a geek who likes making things. He worked for years in the film industry as a prop-maker and art director working on big-budget films and TV series, in theatres, on commercials, on drama-documentaries and music videos, before moving into directing.

As a director he has directed several documentary dramas for Sky Vision and Discovery’s Animal Planet, shot miniature effects for National Geographic, behind-the-scenes footage for the bonus disc of Martin Scorsese’s film Hugo and over 30 shorts and action sequences.

His art experience includes work on six Harry Potters, V for Vendetta, Hugo, Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, Fast and Furious, Prince of Persia, James Bond: The World is Not Enough, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Lost in Space, Guardians of the Galaxy, K19: The Widowmaker, Entrapment, Enigma and a number of others which you’ve probably never heard of. You can check out his website here.

Given his background, Bill is naturally disposed to shooting productions that rely heavily on the Art Department, drawing on his wide ranging experience in sets, effects, atmospherics, dressing and specialist props.



Ian Thomas: Writer
Ian is a writer and games developer who’s handled interactivity and storytelling for a living for nearly two decades. He’s worked in interactive television, education, puppet-making, film, publishing and the video games industry, where he’s helped bring to life award-winning LEGO games, the LittleBigPlanet series and horror and science-fiction titles.

His twisted children’s comic book, “Where’s My Shoggoth?”, has won consistently excellent reviews throughout the UK and US. He also writes and directs highly-acclaimed interactive events. When he’s not writing or programming, Ian sits on the Welsh BAFTA committee, organises lectures and social gatherings for games developers, and generally makes a nuisance of himself.

He lives in Cardiff and is not married to a vet.

You can check him out here.



Kiera Gould: 1st AD
Kiera is an upcoming AD, with Fallen Soldiers being her first feature. She started out doing background work for films such as Hugo, Captain America, Batman, and TV shows including New Tricks, Eastenders, The Wrong Mans, Chicken, Call the Midwife and Dancing on the Edge. Since then she has graduated into AD work. She recently worked as 1st AD on the six part ‘Killers’ series for Sky Vision and on several short films. She has also worked in the AD department on ‘Thor 2’ and Discovery’s recent series ‘Obsession: Dark Desires’. She’s an HSE diver/PADI Divemaster, does kick boxing and horse riding, and competes in Roller Derby.



Richard ‘Badger’ Touch: Production Designer

Badger has a decade of Film Industry experience and two design degrees. His route to becoming a Production Designer was through practical roles like Prop Making and Set Building, so he has a wealth of both behind the scenes know how, and on set experience. He has designed on multiple award winning projects, on Documentary series for Channel 4, Discovery, Sky, National Geographic and many more, on Features, Docs, Promos and Adverts. Badger particularly relishes historical projects, whatever the genre. He has worked all over the U.K and also in France, Morocco, Greece and The Caribbean. You can check out his art department website here.



Faye: Director of Photography

Realising the horror of scratchy uniforms Faye had to abandon her dreams of life as a Red Arrows Pilot and instead fall in love with light which, incidentally, travels faster than a Hawk T1 Jet.

Having formed an upside down, black and white work of art of her school on the inside of a biscuit tin Faye realised that the world was her oyster. Starting in local news but quickly tiring of the heady heights of the under 12s trampolining championship she then sought new challenges at Bournemouth Film School. After cutting her teeth there on Super 16mm film Faye moved into a wonderful gamut of Cinematography opportunities; filming sharks (fake ones!) underwater in Malta, travelling the world in search of the Seven Wonders, docking a space ship and crashing helicopters into a very big, ‘miniature’ La Tour Montparnasse!

It was a logical progression to move on to a period zombie drama.

When not underwater, in a helicopter, behind a camera or eating mango sticky rice in exotic destinations Faye is also Head of Cinematography at the Met Film School, Ealing Studios.

(profile photo © Jason Gairn 2010)



Bennet Light Haven

Bennet Maples: Supervising Sound Editor

Bennet has been working with sound for more than twenty years – first as a music engineer, then running music shops, and for the past eleven years in film and television. He qualified with distinctions from Vancouver Film School’s sound program and now runs Light Haven, who specialise in post-production audio. Even with hundreds of credits to his name, on dramas, documentaries, commercials and films he still finds passion for all things sonic, except One Direction, he’s mystified by One Direction.

Find more about Light Haven here at




Roberta Bononi: Editor 

Roberta started the university wanting to be a journalist, but along the way she participated at some film classes during which she was asked her to realise a short film as an essay. She just loved it. She then accidentally found out about a film editing course, and she applied: two weeks later she was in front of a personal Avid, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. After 2 years of working in Italy, she ran away to London, where she’s been working as a freelance film editor since 2010.

She’s collaborated with professionals such as Amit Gupta, Nic Auerbach, Catherine Yass, Franz Pagot, Bill Thomas, Ben Rice, John Mackie, Alice Rohrwacher, Lucia Yandoli, Alessandro Grespan, Natalie Press, Vivienne Westwood, Andrea Adriatico and she’s been involved in projects for brands like Mini, Domino’s Pizza, World Economic Forum, London Stock Exchange and others. She can finally say that she has gained a very good level of experience in feature and short films, documentaries, commercials and corporate videos. After 6 years of quite a decent career they consider you a Senior…don’t they?!




Julie Elgar: Costume Designer

Julie has been working as a freelance costume designer, assistant and maker since 2009. After studying fine art at Central St Martins she worked in dealing and restoration of vintage and antique clothing which lead her to find her perfect job in costume for television and film. Julie loves to collaborate in order to create convincing characters, whether realistic or fantastic. She has worked in a variety of genres ranging from drama reconstruction for documentary to comedy, contemporary dance to period drama. See her website here.




Ruth Pease: Makeup Designer

Ruth is a freelance Makeup, FX & Hair Artist based in London, but working internationally. Graduating from London College Of Fashion with a BA (HONS) in Specialist Makeup Design For Film & TV, she threw herself into the industry as an enthusiastic designer and artist. Working with both custom prosthetic creation and cosmetic makeup has given Ruth the opportunity to enjoy a varied career. Her work has featured on several award winning  productions such as ‘Mystery Files II’ – National Geograhic (GOLD WINNER NYC Film Festival – Best International History Series) & music promo ‘House’ – Cool Fun, directed by Prano Bailey-Bond (WINNER – Best Pop Video, Budget at the UK Music Video Awards 2011). Since then her career has taken her on an exciting journey working with talent including Crispin Hellion Glover, Sam Worthington, Hailee Steinfeld, John Hannah, Rupert Graves, and contributing to the London 2012 Olympics. Here’s her site.




Robin Gould: Fight Arranger

Robin has worked on many of our productions over the years, initially as a fight performer, playing pirates, duelists, SWAT team troopers, Gladiators, firing guns, swashbuckling, falling off things, and lots more. When Fallen Soldiers began he was the obvious man to call on to arrange our hand to hand combat scenes. He ‘s trained for many years in Karate, Kung Fu and Kickboxing and has recently taken up HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts). In addition to this he has attended a number of stage combat courses with the BASSC, and has over 10 years experience of LARP fighting. He owns more large scary knives than anyone we’ve met.




Full Crew List:

Unit Production Manager

Jason Emery

First Assistant Director

Kiera Gould

Second Assistant Director

Ian Thomas

Production Assistant

Ben Daly

Assistant to Mr. Pellet

Adam Gould

Director of Photography


Reduced Unit Director of Photography

Jon Muschamp


Jon Boylan

Camera Assistants

Jon Muschamp, Archiebald Muller, Charlie Murphy, Daniel Goodall, Pierre Sheard, Duncan Curtis, Sam Irwin, Holly Stratton

Production Designer

Richard “Badger” Touch

Art Director

Stuart Chambers

Prop Makers

Michael Parkin, Andrew Ainscow, Charlotte Dale


Rebbecca Timons

Art Assistants

Adam Gould, “Baby” John Lee Pellet, “Dogboy” Albert, Amy Cartmell, Codrina Spataru

Specialist Prop Maker

Richard Smith of Evenlode Studios

Props supplied by Richard “Badger” Touch and Stuart Chambers

Pyrotechnic Supervisor

Nick Lewis

Pyrotechnic Operator

Sophie Ashley

Costume Designer

Julie Elgar

Costume Rental

Flame Torbay

Makeup Designer

Ruth Pease

Makeup Artist

Kamila Siemiatkowska

Make Up Sculptor

Sebastian Von Biers

Fight Arranger

Robin Gould

Unit Medic

Liz Staveacre

Unit Photography

Rachel Thomas, Chloe Isherwood, Wayne Noir

Second Unit

2nd Unit Action Directors

Lindsay Harris and Stuart Leach

2nd Unit Action Director of Photography

Sashi T Kissoon

2nd Camera Operator

Daniel Goodall

Guest Director

Andrew Ainscow

Additional Camera Operators

Jon Boylan, Michael Parkin

Behind the scenes Documentary Director

Kristian Mitchell Dolby

Documentary Producer

Caley Powell


Carl Harms

Supervising Sound Editor

Bennet Maples

Dialogue Editor

Chris Ashton

Sound Design

Jake Kenny

Sound Recordist

Frederick Z Roche

Boom Operator

Nathan Shepherd

Subtitle Translator

Alex Cawley

Visual Effects

Stuart Leach and Lindsay Harris/ Dalang Films

Dan Gray, Neill Price


Ian Thomas,  Bill Thomas

Script Editors

Damian Brewis, Kiera Gould and Rachel Thomas


Roberta Bononi

Assistant Editor

Mikko Mäkelä


Bill Thomas


Jason Emery

And thanks to:

Richard Caterer at Copped Hall

Light Haven Productions

Cris “Flimsy” Howes

Franz Pagot AIC MKBS

Dick George, Alexia and all at Dick George Creatives Ltd.

Pam and Peter Harrison – Venus Hill Farm

Richard and Jess Smith – Evenlode

Kay and Adrian – Mantles Green Farm

Esteban Mendoza

Jose Grannell – Magic Camera Company


Denmark Studios/ Studio 2000